Does rope work like a snake repellent?

You are seriously under threat by a snake in your property and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. You heard from somewhere that ropes could repel snakes, so you decided to give it a shot. But you are not sure if it will work or not? Well, to be honest, it is more a myth than the fact that ropes repel snakes. And most the people believe that there is no truth to the story. However, there has to be something that it is even considered an option to get rid of snakes. So, let’s see if it is such a simple solution or not.

No scientific proof

There is no scientific proof that snakes are afraid of ropes or that they are annoyed by them. It is not sure if any experiments were done to discredit to the hypothesis. But it seems more like a kind of story that would spread from one village to another in the old days. People may have had such experiences where snakes ran from a rope, but that can be under many different circumstances. So, now to this point, the story has gathered some truth or some alleged evidence to support its claim.

Some snakes hate to climb ropes

Some species of snakes are hesitant of climbing or crossing ropes. They try to avoid them and use methods of passing through the area. But they can do so if they have to. Such behavior of some snakes can easily be mistaken as some fear or annoyance. But the truth is its only another hurdle in the path of a snake. So, some people may consider it as a source to repel snakes. But it should not be taken as an only way to get rid of snakes.

Ropes will not repel snakes

That’s the point we are trying to get you to. Most snakes have a very bad vision; they are incapable of detecting such objects. So, the will pass through your tied ropes, thinking of them as nothing but just a hurdle. So, the bottom-line is relying on ropes to get rid of snakes will only cost you a snake bite. Also, your nuisance will put your family members in danger too.

Use other methods of removing snakes

Use more accredited methods of removing snakes. You can start by inspecting your place and identifying the things that are attracting these reptiles to your place and remove them. Also, figure out what are the roots they are taking to enter your place. After that, you can use more effective repellents or baited traps to get rid of them.

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