Ways to get rats out of your car?

Rats are one of the most mobile creatures, and they can squeeze themselves in anywhere. Even your cars are not safe from them. Rats may decide to enter your car for some reasons. First, you may have left food in your car like pet food, etc. and the rodent may be attracted to the scent of it. Second, the rat finds your car to be a safe nesting place for it so, it decides to invade it. Third, it might be running away from a predator and happens to end up in your car. If you face such an unfortunate problem, don’t worry here are some ways by which you can get rid of the rat.

Leave the hood open

This might be your first and hopeful step to get rid of the rat. Rats are always looking for dark and empty places to hide. Once you leave the hood up the rat might be discouraged by the light and might be forced to leave the car. This is not that effective solution, and in nine out of ten cases this won’t work. But still, it is worth it to give it a shot.

Seal off entry places near the car parking

Inspect your place where you park your car. If you have a garage that is filled with possible hiding places for these rats then using any deterrent or trap for the rodent will not help. You should try to seal off all the entry/exit places that the rat might be using to get inside your garage. Identify all the hiding places and close them off.

Close off all entrances to car engine compartment

Rats are great climbers and great jumpers. They can easily climb the tire of your car into the engine compartment and make a stay for themselves. You have to make sure that there aren’t any small openings in your engine compartment as rats will use them to cause trouble. Moreover, since the rats use tires to climb up, you can place traps or deterrents on the tires to get rid of them.

Use deterrents

There are plenty of rat deterrents available that are quite effective. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty or in some cases don’t like the smell, then you can use electronic deterrents. Ultrasound deterrents have proven to be quite effective. Some rats can learn to live with them, so it is not a long-lasting solution. Similarly, strobe light deterrents can also annoy the rat into leaving.

Use traps

It is recommended to use humane traps to capture the rodent and leave it at a remote location. However, glue traps and old snap traps are also quite effective in getting rid of the problem permanently. Poisonous traps are not recommended in any case as they can also harm pet animals.

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